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manderino. over the top stunt or call to action. we talk to a man who stopped traffic in downtown san francisco. and pot workers step up to try to unionize the new direction the growing industry is taking. good morning. i'm garvin thomas. >> i'm kris sanchez. brent and laura are off today. it's 4:30. ria taormina has a first look at our post-holiday forecast. >> i hope you were out enjoying the weather yesterday, because today is a different story. the clouds are returning, the coasting fog. typical stuff. but it was gone yesterday.
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today, look at these numbers. we're down 15 degrees or so from yesterday. tomorrow there may be some drizzle. more coming up in a bit. see you then. >> thank you very much. and today's the day when we put mike to work, day after labor day. school's back, vacation is over. >> i'm on. >> this is your busy season. >> take us away. >> construction is light overnight. that's good news. westbound 92, though, getting out of hayward, still overnight reroute heading you down to tennisson. no major issues for folks getting off the san mateo bridge. off the peninsula side, a clear view, but we expect more folks to hit the road. it's tuesday, heaviest volume for the week as well asholiday,e a lot of folks out there.
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a daredevil scaled the millennium tower. police arrested the man f for trespassing after he got to the top and vicky nguyen spoke to him after his release from police custody. >> reporter: sporting blistered fingers and a smile on his face, dan good win said his climb to the millennium tower was his tribute to the year 2000. he scaled the world trade center in 1983, but a cancer diagnosis happened and then the 9/11 attacks. >> tremendous guilt. >> reporter: dan said 9/11 spurred him to research sky scraper safety and he wanted today's stunt to show the government -- >> they are stationed at the top of the building with helicopters on helicopter pads at the top of the building.
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anyone who lives and works on s skyscrapers, how safe do you feel? >> those in the millennium must have felt shocked seeing a man scaling the building. he said he did it for the firefighters who rescue people in these mega buildings. >> we are building these skyscrapers taller and taller. yet we expect these firefighters to go charging into these high-rise buildings and risking their lives. >> reporter: he said they gave him water during his climb and they helped him unfurl the american flag when he got to the top. police say, make no mistake, this was a waste of time and resources. >> we shadowed the individual all the way up. it was a huge cost to the taxpayers of san francisco because we were using such an amount of resources, because this individual decided to climb up the outside of the building. >> reporter: vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. skyscraperman claims this wasn't a publicity stunt, though
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his team did post a press release on his website. this is not the last we will hear of spider dan, at least he said. he has something planned for 9/11, not in the bay area but he won't say where. after the drama unfolded, you got a look at how old glory gets folded properly. the san francisco firefighters here properly folding the american flag in order to take it away. >> not something you see every day. around the bay area we have been largely spared the wildfire season, but a huge fire is burning down homes in colorado. 1,000 homes are under evacuation in the foothills northwest of the denver suburb of bolder. no one has been hurt but a number of houses have burned down, including four which belonged to firefighters who are battling those flames. the terrain is steep, rocky and the winds are gusting. andrew barrientos is scheduled to appear in a courtroom today to enter a plea. the 20-year-old is accused of
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shooting fremont police officer todd young as the police officer tried to serve a warrant in oakland ten days ago barrientos was arrested the next day a quarter mile from the message c mexico border. this morning pittsburg police will spend a fifth day searching through the landfill for a fifth victim of the killing spree last week. investigators say they have good reason to believe they will find the body of 35-year-old frederick sales there. he is the hercules man reported missing after his father was killed. investigators say they are also searching other locations and our cameras captured video of them looking through the backyard of a vacant home. it is across the street from where sales' 73-year-old father was beaten to death. >> the neighbors thought they saw something suspicious? >> somebody did. it came in anonymous. >> police say trash from a hercules business park where they found one of the victims cars was taken to that pittsburg
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landfill. investigators think efren valdemoro may have killed sales and disposed of his body in a dumpster. he is now link to the murders of four other people in vallejo and hercules. now an update on the story we brought you on monday. a month after the scandal that chased him out of his job as ceo of hewlett park card, mark hurd officially has a new job. oracle announced hurd will be a co-president. hurd is seen as a good fit for oracle as it moves into the larger market of commercial computer systems. larry ellison said hp made a mistake forcing hurd out the door and said in a statement he will do even better at othracle about 38 marijuana workers teamed up with a local union 70. there are some real ramifications for the workers and the marijuana industry
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junior joel suffers from chronic back pain. he said he uses medical marijuana occasionally and believes unionizing marijuana workers who manufacturer the pot he needs for pain is a way to protect workers. >> i'm surprised that we have had to fight this long when we have industries like the tobacco industry really taking advantage of people, the economy. >> reporter: an economy that is looking for something to pull it out of the recession. margin investments, located in oakland, provides medical marijuana used by patients suffering from cancer, hiv, and other life-threatening illnesses. the move to unionize 38 of its workers is the way to grow the industry according to the union. >> about ten years ago the medical marijuana proposition passed this is just an extension. people are getting used to it and it seems like a natural progression. >> reporter: under the union contract, margin will pay for the workers health care costs.
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>> manufacturing and any industry has safety hazards, some need to have some protections. this is labor day, this is oakland. >> reporter: and oakland is leading the way in the medical marijuana industry. in 1996, california was the first state to legalize pot for medical use. now, in november, californians will decide if recreational pot will be legal, but when it comes to medical marijuana, unions are hoping more manufacturers will become a partner. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. more gin investment workers will also get a pension and make more money, too. their hourly wage will go from $18 to $26 an hour in just more than a year. time is 4:38. time so get a check of the commute with mike. where are we going now. >> up to the upper east shore freeway. folks getting back from vacation. someone left their luggage on
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the roads, two middle lanes westbound 80 coming through pinole, things moving lightly as far as volume of traffic. probably a clp traffic break over the next couple of minutes. the lower east shore moving smoothly as well as the maze. no back-ups yet. folks back from work, the first full work week after pretty much everybody is back to school. if you still have summer vacation, yahoo for you. you're not watching any way. back to you guys. >> if summer did unofficially end yesterday, it certainly went out in a blaze of glory. a blaze of sunshine. ria taormina is here to tell us -- that's over. >> the first unofficial day of fall, because, obviously, it's not coming a couple weeks is bringing in much cooler temperatures. inland where it's 90s, today mainly 70s. overnight temperatures are not too bad, mid 50s in san francisco, san mateo. san jose still warm at 60.
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little bit warmer than it was 24 hours ago at the same time. the winds are not too bad. a bit more greasy than yesterday morning. just about ten miles per hour is where you feel the breezes. up in fairfield, 16 miles per hour. as we look ahead this morning, the sun is coming up at 6:44. we're in the higher 50s by lunch time, it will be pretty nice into the 60s and 70s. nowhere near the temperatures we saw yesterday. i'll have more on the weather coming up in a bit. >> thank you very much. time is now 4:40. money can't buy you love, but if you make a certain amount it can make a down payment on happiness. how much will you need? >> that's a good question. and jerry brown's first television ads hit the airwaves today. we'll tell you how his opponents attack helped to write the and script. and unness car maintenance that may be costing you thousands of dollars. un
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now to decision 2010. jerry brown took a page out of a classic political play book using labor day to launch his gubernatorial campaign. his first tv ads hit the air today. tom sinkovitz has a look. >> as governor he cut waste, got rid of the mansion and the limo.
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>> reporter: in the ad, jerry brown defends his record. >> the jerry brown story, the real story. 40 years in politics and failure has followed him everywhere. >> reporter: whitman's camp spent $20 million on ads alone. 45,000 of them have aired across california, according to brown's campaign. at one of four campaign stops today, brown accused whitman of waging a campaign of deceit. >> we are dealing with a campaign on the republican side that has no regard for truth. when california came out of the recession, the revenue came pouring into the state because i left it healthy and structurally sound. >> reporter: the whitman campaign didn't back off one bit in its response. after 40 years in politic prospecting the status quo, it's no surprise that jerry brown is kicking off his campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. tom sinkovitz, nbc bay area news. on october 12th, nbc bay area will carry a debate between
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jerry brown and meg whitman in what could be a taste of november. tom brokaw will moderate the debate in san rafael. we will start coverage at 6:30 on that night right here on nbc bay area, and on an arizona woman who had acid thrown in her face is trying to come to grips with why she was attacked. she is the second victim in a week, and just like in the first incident it was a woman who threw the acid. the 41-year-old recalls the horrifying moment when she was ambushed. she was outside when a woman approached her in the parking lot of her apartment building, flinging a cup full of acid in her face. that attack is similar to another incident three days before and more than 1,000 miles away in washington state. >> i could hear it sizzling. once it hit me, i could hear it bubbling and sizzling my skin. >> so far no arrests have been made. the two women vow to recover
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from their painful attacks and get on with their lives. more empty grocery shelves at pw markets in the south bay. two more san jose stores are closed. another store was closed last week and now only four remain open. store officials say they're not calling it quits, instead they are reviewing their options. >> i'm a little disappointed and sad. this is the only grocery store in this area for a couple miles. i'm pretty upset about that. >> reporter: pw laid off more than 200 workers in the deal. for smaller stores, it is becoming more difficult to compete with the prices offered by national chains. getting your car serviced is tedious and often costly, you have tires, brakes, oil. turns out you may be wasting thousands of dollars on some of that routine maintenance. chris shows us why the old rules for oil changes need not apply. >> reporter: when it comes to changing oil in our cars, many
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if not most of us are like this guy. >> i change my oil every 3,000, just to make sure it's running tip top. >> reporter: but based on new research, analysts at respected automotive research firm says overly frequent oil changes is wasteful. >> you could change the oil three times more often than you need to and spend over the course of five years over $1,000 in unnecessary oil changes. >> reporter: instead of every 3,000, they say double it at the very least. and your local mechanic will probably agree. >> changing the oil every 3,000 miles is overdoing it. >> the quality of oil has improved so much in recent decades and not to mention the technology of vehicles to monitor the oil condition has improved. >> reporter: edmonds sent to a laboratory for analysis oil from
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a car that already lasted 7,000 miles. >> and they said this was probably good for another 2,000 miles of oil life. >> reporter: some car manufacturers go so far as to recommend oil changes every 20,000 miles, which edmonds research doesn't dispute. >> it's 4:48 now. chances are you checked your business e-mail over the labor day holiday. a survey in pc world finds that 72% of americans check their business e-mails outside of regular business hours, nights, weekends, holidays no longer the sanctuaries they used to be. money can buy happiness apparently, but only to a point. a new study by the national academy of sigh yens surveyed 450,000 americans over two years. it found people feel happier as their income rises. but the euphoria levels off at about $75,000. those who go from makes $100,000 to $200,000, feel more successful but not necessarily happier. >> i would try to be happy above
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$75,000. >> trading starts again in a few hours after a long holiday weekend. courtney reagan is live in cnbc headquarters. what do you think, money buy happiness or so? >> i think it makes life easier. >> i'm with you. >> you know, look, let's be honest. stock futures are a bit lower as wall street kicks off the holiday-shortened week. might not be a lot of money to be made today. the markets did rally last week on strong august retail sales and better than manufacturing data from both the u.s. and china asian markets did close lower, there isn't any economic data today, though we will get reports this week on new filings for unemployment benefits, consumer credit and the trade deficit. the dow was up on friday to 10,447. that's where trading begins because there was no trading yesterday for the holiday. the nasdaq added 33 points to
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2233. president obama is set to announce a major business tax cut in cleveland on wednesday. reports say companies will be able to write off 100% of new investments in plants and equipment through next year. the administration believes the cuts will cut corporate taxes by 2$200 billion over two years. and hiring prospects are not picking up, at least that's according to latest survey by staffing firm manpower. they are finding 71% of companies don't expect to change hiring plans. manpower says businesses have no confidence in the economy and even with demand rising, it's not enough to hire new workers. back to you. >> courtney, thank. it is time for the top ten on "america's got talent" among them, 10-year-old singing
4:51 am
sensation jackie evencho. >> i started singing two years ago when i turned eight years old. learning the words are not very hard. i'm italian, most of the songs i sing are latin or italian. i don't know, i just catch on very quickly. >> i don't know, i'm half italian and i can't sing like that. >> jackie is not alone. four of the top ten acts are vocalists, but also a magician and a cyclist. you can watch them on "america's got talent" tonight at 9:00. >> i think there's something to what she's saying. i studied spanish and french in college. it does make sense, if you know one more language, it sticks bett
4:52 am
better. >> i still can't sing like that. >> i can't either. >> our temperatures yesterday were singing pretty nicely. we were more than 10 degrees above average everywhere. san jose, san francisco and oakland, 93. folks, today, a different story. 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the afternoon, along to usher in the first unofficial day of fall. 57 in san francisco, 50 in san jose. the numbers are not too low. they will go lower over the next couple of hours. looking ahead at the winds, not too bad. a bit more than a breeze in some places. but when we look at our headlines there are some headlines. the fog returns, the clouds are around, especially along the coast. inland temperatures will be dropping almost 20 degrees mainly in the 70s. there's some drizzle along the way because, well, we've got low trough of pressure coming our way bringing some moisture and that's going to be effecting us quite a bit. looking ahead today, in the high
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50s at 8:00 this morning. by lunch time things will be warming up nicely. 60s into 70s. by 4:00, the temperatures are not very different. los gatos, close to 80 at 79. concord, 80. livermore is much cooler than a few days ago. today will be one of the warmest days for the rest of the week, but the weekend will pick up nicely. >> thank you very much. time to check on the traffic conditions with mike. we will start with a small fire. >> yeah. talking about warming up, right now on the roadside there on 101, sir francis drake, reports of a small brush fire. clearly visible from the highway. there may be a need for that slow lane to be shut down over the next few minutes. i'll let you know, right now no major impact to that commute. heading over the richmond bridge, you should be fine. taking you further south, folks
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travel through this area, continuing down through the city, no problems from the north bay or the peninsula. a light volume heading into the city right now. no back-ups on the bay bridge or the toll plaza. there is a live shot past the coliseum, no problems. look at the light volume. spacing you nice between the cars northbound with the taillights, southbound with the headlights. give it another half hour or so, things will get more active on this side. we'll be watching this, get on the roadways now if you can. you have a nice flow throughout the east bay and the south bay. nice, easy drive except here, race street, on-ramp to 280, an accident and debris reported. should be cleared quickly. the rest of the northbound ro d routes looking good as far as traffic. light volume of traffic heading over the santa clarita
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mountains. local technology is inspiring some unusual art. san jose's answer to burning man is about to kick off. scout budman got a behind-the-scenes look at what you can check out at the festiva festival. >> this is how it starts. this is a drive-in movie theater made of wrecked cars. >> reporter: part wrecking yard, part construction site, part high-tech artist colony. >> the wings will come up. >> what people will be able to do, if they want to watch a movie, come down, get into one of the cars, turn on the stereo, have the sound come up and watch on the big screen. >> reporter: even in it's early stages, able to draw a crowd of admirers. >> cars will be really cool. >> it's kind of examining how technology can be relevant one
4:56 am
day and then not the next. >> you go to a museum you usually see art, paintings, this is more hands-on, 3d. i like it. >> reporter: a mix of art and technology that could be a trojan horse or a wetlands downtown. >> part of the point is, especially the silicon valley, people are building things in their backyard, decks, basements, garages. >> reporter: so they opened an 80,000 square foot garage and the artists showed up. >> the kids are working with technology, not just lights and computers, but the role technology plays in society and how it can connect people and not just distance people. >> reporter: giving people a chance to connect with each other and with out of this world creations. scout budman, nbc bay area news. if you want to check it out for yourself, 01 festival kicks down on the 16th.
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you can visit the artists working on those projects any time behind the san jose convention center. just ahead, a uc berkeley record beat. the distance these two went to to get into the record books for the longest sushi roll.
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a bay area city could add a tax to alcohol today. see what it hopes to achieve coming up in a live report.

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